Luke Winslow

St. Nick 3v3: Soccer Games and Injury Prevention

Adapted from descriptions written by Ray Yumang and Luke Winslow

Edited by Paolo Garcia

Soccer, raffles, and screening: what more could you ask for? The 10th of December was as crisp a day as any at Next Level Achievements in Springdale. The indoor activity center served as a great way to get out of the crispness of the forty-degree weather. As one of the co-sponsors of the St. Nick 3v3 game, we spent the beginning of our morning setting up our booth. Our team’s main goal was to showcase our new “Competitive Edge” program for sports therapy and reach out to the athletic community in Northwest Arkansas.

The games were all conducted in good fun; there were many small teams of girls and boys playing soccer. The muffled sounds of feet on Astroturf mixed well with intermittent shouts and whistles. At the end of the event, one of these young athletes won our raffle and took home a bright blue, brand-new soccer ball.  Throughout the entirety of the tournament we were busy informing others about A. Yumang Rehab Services and our program.

From the moment the tournament started, it was clear that our table was doing well. People of all ages stopped to ask us questions, grab a piece of candy, and learn about what we could do for their young athletes. Many of the athletes themselves were very excited for the soccer ball raffle, and it was great to see that a similar enthusiasm was shared by their parents toward our program. It was a great experience to inform the community about different options to help become a better athlete, especially since the majority of them were unaware of such options in the area.

As a program, our “Competitive Edge” is designed to cater to athletes from eight to sixteen years old. At our booth, we offered injury and athletic screening so that we could help develop personalized plans for future clients. It was great to learn more about the clients we serve and connect with those who could use our help in the future. By being available for the athletic community, we can help healthy and uninjured athletes with wellness, agility, and coordination.