Welcome to our family.

We are a small, privately-owned physical therapy clinic that focuses on what is most important: the patient. Since our doors first opened in 2000, our staff has been working daily to provide quality patient care. It is our clinic's philosophy to provide better service and better communication between our patients and our therapists.


We are happy to have you here.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is about getting you back on your feet and doing the things you love to do. The only difference is that it aims to treat your pain in addition to making you stronger. We want to help you get to your goals as fast as you can. If it's playing with your grandkids or finally being able to get back on that treadmill, physical therapy can help in all aspects of your life.

Sports Therapy

Agility, strength, and flexibility. These words seem to be some of the hallmarks of an athlete. Sports therapy allows you to become the kind of athlete you want to be while also training you to avoid injuries.


Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy is not your ordinary, relaxation-focused kind of massage (though we do provide that service as well). It's about getting to the specific areas of pain and relieving the tension there. With a wide array of tools and techniques, our skilled clinicians will help you relieve musculoskeletal pain and form a plan to keep you pain-free.

Hear from some of our patients.

My activity level has increased dramatically usually without using pain medications... The staff was incredible! Compassionate, caring, devoted, skilled... This clinic was so far above the standard... an example of high quality care.
— Dian W.
I’ve never had therapy before, but I would highly recommend it. I have no more vertigo... nor am I afraid the vertigo will come back.
— Anna S.
I am very pleased with my progress... I can stand longer without grimacing and my gait is much improved... I am now hopeful that I can still improve more from the paralysis I experienced from Guillain-Barré.
— Joyce Y.
[Therapy] saved me from possible falls. I have not had therapy for dizziness and loss of balance... my balance is really good now.
— Elinor W.

Did you know that...

We have two locations in Arkansas.

We have a bilingual therapist and receptionist.

We have trained therapists for Graston technique.

We are open from early morning to late in the business day.

We have a new program called "Fitness Assessment and Training Program."

If you would like to be kept up-to-date with news from our clinic regarding everything from special offers to events, be sure to take a look at our announcements page through the link below. In addition, we are happy to say that we are currently working on a blog! You will soon be able read journal entries written by our therapists and what what our clinic does to build team strength.

Services we Provide

In order to effectively cater to our patients' needs, we employ a wide variety of physical therapy techniques, approaches, and equipment. These three methods are only some of the tools we have in our toolbox; when used in conjunction with other tools, the results can be extraordinary. What we utilize in treatment has been designed to help strengthen the body and make recovery a faster process.


Our clinic services include

Vestibular Rehabilitation (for dizziness), Neuropathy Rehabilitation, Lymphedema Rehabilitation, and Balance Rehabilitation


Our Clinic sees regular physical therapy

We also see patients for rehabilitation in the following areas: neck, back, shoulder, knee, ankle, foot, elbow, and wrist. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all of our treatment methods.

Our Therapists are Trained in

Graston Technique, Lymphedema, Vestibular Rehab, Neuro Developmental Technique (NDT) for Stroke patients, McKenzie, Maitland Technique, and Myokinesthetic Technique (MYKS). Please note that these are specialties and each therapist specializes in a certain technique rather than all the techniques that are listed.


To provide a visual representation of some of our methods, we have provided a slideshow demonstrating selected equipment and techniques. If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact us or ask your therapist on your next visit.

To our valued patients and friends,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing all of us at A. Yumang Rehab Services to participate in your healing process. We want to help you return to the things you love to do. Whether it’s as simple as standing long enough to prepare a meal or even becoming as active as the athlete that wants to be faster, stronger, and more agile, we’re here for you. Here at A. Yumang Rehab, we will not only treat you for these issues; we will train your body and help you sustain your better condition. Our job is to focus on the patient and help the recovery process. That being said, we look forward to seeing you here at our clinic!

-Ray Yumang,PT